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Scott W.

Having suffered with a shoulder injury for many months that showed no improvement I took the decision to book in with Ed at PhysioSpace. From the get go Ed assessed my shoulder thoroughly and put my mind at ease that the problem was not something of a serious nature. The studio is a clean comfortable environment that has a huge range of equipment and is a real pleasure to work in.

Ed coached me through a range of mobility and strengthening exercises that could be done at home, with the aid of a phone application that provided a tailored plan for me to work through in a clear and concise manner, as well as affording me the ability to contact Ed should I need any assistance.

After a number of weeks we worked on tweaking the plan as my shoulder became stronger and increasingly comfortable with the exercises at hand, this kept the recovery process fresh and more enjoyable to carry out rather than repeating the same exercises day in day out as I have experienced with physio consultations in the past.

I am pleased to say that my shoulder is now back to full strength and I have the confidence to carry out my daily tasks and gym workouts as normal!
I have learnt so much about my body in general and we have identified areas of my mobility and posture to work on in order to prevent future injury with a proactive rather than reactive approach. Continuing to work with Ed on these areas is both challenging and a great change of pace from my usual training programme - he isn't afraid to put you through your paces either!

If you are seeking the services provided by PhysioSpace I really could not recommend them more.


Katie S.

I have been doing Hatha Flow Yoga with Osk for just over a year, in the studio before lockdown and online during lockdown. Osk is able to offer a really varied, gentle yet dynamic flow in her practice. She offers many variations depending if you want to push yourself or take it slow. I love attending the sessions as I feel it's the special time in the week where I can connect with my body and mind and do something just for me. Would highly recommend ☺️🧘‍♀️


Jo-Anne G.

I went to PhysioSpace having been suffering from shoulder problems for a number of years. Ed was really thorough in my first consultation and reassured me that there was nothing more sinister going on and that my issue could be resolved. Just two weeks after starting the first exercises I was given I could already feel improvement and following a second session and following all the recommendations given there has been a huge difference. I cannot recommend PhysioSpace highly enough. The team are friendly and extremely knowledgeable.


Amanda S.

Having had a reoccurring problem with my back and hips I thought it was about time to sort it out. Upon the first meeting with Ed I was confident that it was something that could be resolved; Ed is professional, knowledgeable; the sessions were a mix of assisted movement and demonstrations of exercises as homework. I am pleased to say after a few sessions and following the homework the issue had subsided so much so that even after two long flights my sciatica didn't flare up. I've had my last review and have a plan for maintenance; thanks Ed really appreciate all the help and look forward to hear news of future developments.


Derek W.

Over the past couple of months I've been having physio with Ed.He diagnosed the problem on my first visit and set out a plan for me to work to.Today I ran the bay 10k and beat my last year's time by over 2 minutes.
I would recommend physiospace if you have a problem.Friendly staff and a good set up.
Thanks Ed.