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Personal Training

Enhance Your Performance & Reach Your Full Potential. Bespoke, goal-oriented Physio-led Personal Training. 

Our coaches will choose & combine cardio, resistance and equipment-based training - enabling us to create totally individual and bespoke programmes, designed specifically around your unique needs and goals.


PhysioSpace Sports Performance Clinic

Our aim is to deliver high quality coaching and we're committed to delivering the most professional service possible.

Your first Strength & Conditioning session will include a review of your previous training history and injury status with your Physio.

They will carry out a movement assessment to identify any joint restrictions, areas of muscle weakness or overactivity.

Fitness and power testing may also be used to set appropriate goals.

Strength and Conditioning underpins everyone’s training program, allowing them to perform better, prevent injury and improve bio-mechanics in their chosen sport or discipline.

At PhysioSpace our expert physios can tailor and structure your training programme to help you achieve greater performance whilst staying injury free.


What are the benefits of Personal Training?

- Optimise the full-body benefits of your workout

- Add a more focused cardiovascular or resistance-based workout

- Provide a cross-training supplement to your classes

- Train for a specific sport or activity

- Recover from or prevent injury

- Correct postural or bio-mechanical issues

- Better prepare yourself for one of our group classes

- Add extra variety to your workout


What is Strength & Conditioning?

Strength and Conditioning (S&C) is the development of an athlete or individuals performance using the various components of fitness, allowing them to become Faster, Stronger and more Flexible whilst remaining Injury Free.


What will we work on to improve my overall fitness?

There are 9 components of fitness that will be integrated into your tailored Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Programme at PhysioSpace (not necessarily straight away), giving you the very best chance of achieving your goals Effectively, Efficiently and Safely.

  • Strength - How much force a muscle can exert when contracting under load
  • Power - The combination of strength and speed to produce a maximum muscular contraction in an instant. Plyometric testing is a big part of our approach.
  • Agility - The ability to perform a series of coordinated movements to quick succession in multiple directions
  • Balance - Joint position sense and proprioception, is the ability to control the body or parts of the body either statically or dynamically
  • Flexibility - The ability to move a joint through a full range of motion without excessive resistance from other tissues
  • Muscle Endurance - A muscle or a group of muscles ability to perform work over an extended period
  • Cardiovascular Endurance - The heart and lungs ability to oxygenate muscles
  • Strength Endurance - A muscle’s ability to perform maximum contractions time after time
  • Co-Ordination - The ability to integrate all the above components into effective, meaningful movement. "Neuromuscular control" will be a big focus.

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Individualised Service

You can expect high quality, individualised programming and coaching/lifting sessions lead by highly qualified and experienced Physios.

You will receive a Personalised Training Programme based on your goals and ability combined with expert Coaching and Instruction.

Your programme will be accessible via our App. We will give you full details of this at your first visit.

We will ensure that you will have good lifting technique and movement control to get the most out of your training whilst avoiding injury.

You will not receive “off the shelf programming”. We know every person is different, with different objectives. Your Individualised Programme will be based on your ‘Needs Analysis’ and guided by technical, medical and scientific evidence.




What is required from you?

To get the most out of your Individualised Programming, YOU have to be prepared to Work Hard if YOU want to Achieve YOUR Goals and Enhance YOUR Performance.



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