Physio x Pilates Assessment

Physio Led Pilates sessions that are designed to meet your specific needs. Our 1-2-1 sessions are ideal for those looking for a little extra guidance, with injuries, pain or medical conditions.
Whether you are new to Pilates or simply new to PhysioSpace Pilates our introduction includes a full Physio-Led biomechanical assessment. It gives us the opportunity to get to know your body and put together SMART goals to help assess the effectiveness of your care. This is also used as a screening tool for our classes.
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Our Classes

We bring the personalised, hands-on approach you would expect from a 1-2-1 session to our StudioSpace group classes. 
We are dedicated to providing expertly taught modified Pilates exercises in order to help you get fitter and stronger than ever before. We aim for your sessions to be unique, effective and enjoyable, whilst also contributing to your health and well-being.
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Rehab & 1:1 Pilates 

1:1 Pilates is ideal for those who want a session specifically designed for their body.
You receive individual hands on attention which facilitates your movement to a greater degree. This is ideal for those undertaking rehabilitation or if you have medical conditions which require specific consideration. All sessions utilise different pieces of equipment and some mat.
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Mix & Match 10 classes for £100 // 3 month expiry

Is Pilates the class for me?

By combining controlled movements with breathing and alignment of posture, pilates helps build core and stability muscles, improving strength, movement and posture.

With a wealth of clinical knowledge and pilates experience, our instructors are able to modify classes to suit varying abilities and health conditions or injuries.

Our instructors attention to detail will help build your confidence in movement, whether that is following an injury or simply to maintain health and wellness as part of a balanced lifestyle.


Why do Pilates at StudioSpace?

What sets us apart from other studios is our unique team of instructors and the strong link they have with evidence-based clinical care.

At StudioSpace our instructors have a unrivalled understanding of pathology, pain management and biomechanics and understand how each movement can translate into function.

Our team are able to create a programme specifically designed for you. We are experienced in working with people at all stages of their life and are also specifically trained in antenatal and post-partum Pilates.


What is APPI Pilates?

A number of our Physios have undertaken training with the Australian Pilates & Physiotherapy Institute (APPI).

Our instructors are able to use both their training and physiotherapy knowledge to modify traditional exercises allowing for the classes to be undertaken by all abilities and also when rehabilitating from an injury.

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