Yoga for Beginners | 7 week course

Starts Thursday 7th January 2020

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Yoga | StudioSpace Cardiff

StudioSpace offers a welcoming environment for anyone, whether you are a longstanding yogi, or a novice wanting to explore the art of movement, mindfulness and breathing.

With a variety of different classes offering a range of spiritual and clinical approaches; our dedicated teachers offer a safe, stress-free space for you to explore your practice.

Our classes are intimate allowing teachers to adapt poses to suit individual conditions, and as part of a holistic approach to healing and rehabilitation they are able to refer to other clinicians within PhysioSpace.

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Hatha Flow Yoga
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Originating from the Sanskrit word, Hatha literally translates to ‘ha’- sun and ‘tha’-moon to mean ‘force’.

This is the generic term for traditional yoga which teaches the physical postures of yoga (asanas) and offers a lovely, gentler introduction to the fundamentals of yoga.

This class is suitable for all abilities and especially suits new beginners and practice yogis who aim to improve their technique. Postures are broken down and built up according to ability with variations.


Hatha Flow

Hatha Flow offers a gentle flow-ful class, integrating traditional yoga postures whilst moving in a balanced union between the body and the breath. 

Unlike classical Hatha and dynamic Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Flow offers a sense of fluidity and movement between postures but is less choreographed, allowing time for pause and added instruction during sequences.

This class offers a good medium between Hatha and Vinyasa and can allow you to develop your practice.

A good class to learn about alignment, positioning and breath-work within the yoga asanas whilst increasing heart rate, improving strength and overall body conditioning.

Suitable for all abilities as postures and sequencing can be adjusted accordingly.


Vinyasa Flow 

Vinyasa Flow originates from the Sanskrit language and can be loosely translated to mean ‘to place in a special way’.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga aligns a deliberate sequence of poses with the breath to achieve a continuous flow.

This class aims to move through sequences and postures in a dynamic flow to build and maintain heat in the body whilst using breath work to deepen and strengthen movement and alignment.

Modifications and alternatives are always provided, creating an accessible class for all abilities.

Expect to relax, stretch, sweat and restore through this Vinyasa Flow class.



20 classes for £160.00 // 6 month expiry


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