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Why Choose Us?

Our friendly team of expert Physios have helped thousands of people get out of pain. We provide outstanding, data driven care, small group classes and injury treatment.
We provide you with expert treatment to get you back on track. Our team of experienced physiotherapists are on hand to help you every step of the way.
We have state of the art equipment to facilitate the rehabilitation process and superb professionals to guide
your treatment.
We provide expertly taught small group yoga & pilates classes in a friendly, welcoming environment.
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At PhysioSpace we are here to support you in every step of your recovery, and to help you achieve your goals.
We take pride in our patient-centred approach: we listen, diagnose and educate in order to design and implement a tailored plan for your long-term benefit.
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Excellent experience at PhysioSpace. I was provided with great support and a well structured program to get me back on court after a hamstring injury. Would recommend to anyone for physio post injury.

Emlyn W.

Highly skilled and knowledgeable Physios, professional friendly service. Ed provided great support and a programme of exercises following a knee injury. Thank you!

Mikhaela M.

I had my injury diagnosed on my first visit and a plan was set out for me. Today I ran the bay 10k and beat my last year's time by over 2 minutes. I would recommend PhysioSpace if you have a problem. Friendly staff and a good set up. Thank you!

Derek W.

I went to see Ed with back pain and not only had he given me exercises to improve that, he's also pointed me in the right direction to strengthen my core and balance. Highly recommended!

Rhys D.

I can't recommend PhysioSpace enough. The team were accommodating and knowledgeable; fixed my niggles, and gave useful advice and guidance on avoiding further injury by strengthening my weaknesses. Great experience all round.

Gwenno L.

I’ve been to see the team at PhysioSpace regularly for the last 6 months, for rehabilitation after knee surgery. Excellent experience, with some serious strides being made with my rehab. Thank you!

Joe P.

I've taken my son to PhysioSpace following an injury to his shoulder. He's been given lots of advice and information, plus a programme of exercises to follow. I'm sure, with Ed's help, he'll be back to playing tennis soon.

Fiona C.

Would highly recommend PhysioSpace! Went along for a sports massage with Dafydd to sort out an ongoing back ache and was over the moon with the result. Will definitely be going back for a top up.

Daf L.

Great Experience with this clinic who are currently helping me with rehabilitation after a major knee injury and surgery.

Daf R.

Both personable and knowledgable - Thanks to everyone at PhysioSpace!

Andy T.

Common conditions we treat

We're here to help you look after your body, move better and feel good.

Physiotherapy is used to treat injuries that affect a patient's ability to move freely, and it can also help to prevent such injuries from occurring again in the future.

Restoring and maximising the range of movement and physical strength are the main aims of a course of physiotherapy treatment.

At PhysioSpace our goal is to help you return to what you enjoy doing quickly so you can live an effective, functional, healthy, happy and pain-free life.

Lower back pain

Knee pain

Neck Pain


Patellofemoral Pain

Post Surgical Rehab

The PhysioSpace Approach

We specialise in:

• Manual therapy

• Soft-tissue treatment

• Injury treatment and rehabilitation

• Specific exercise therapy

Our extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics enables us to diagnose and treat not only your symptoms, but also the underlying causes of your problem. As a result, we can improve the speed and effectiveness of your recovery as well as helping prevent future re-occurrences.

Over 90% of the patients we treat do not require onward referral to a specialist or any kind of surgical intervention.

However, we work closely with an extensive network of the best Consultants/Specialists in Cardiff who we can refer to for confirmation of diagnosis, further investigation or intervention (whether as injections or surgery).

Where surgery is planned, we receive regular referrals from leading Consultants and Surgeons for pre and post-operative Physiotherapy, enabling us to prepare their patients better for their surgery and to help them recover faster and more fully from it.

What will treatment involve?

Treatment will usually begin during the initial session, as long as you are happy with the treatment plan that has been proposed.

The treatment methods themselves may vary, depending on what is most appropriate for you. It is likely to include mobilisations of the affected joints, exercises to improve both strength and range of motion, and massage.

You should expect to be given a set of exercises to perform on a regular basis at home, between your treatment sessions, and these are likely to change as you progress through the course of physiotherapy and make improvements.


The benefit of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can be a valuable resource when it comes to tackling the joint and muscle pain of either a short-term acute injury or a long-term chronic condition, and can help you to restore strength and flexibility throughout the body, and then to maintain these improvements by spending a few minutes each day, or perhaps twice a day, running through a series of simple exercises.